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Why do I called to this issue of letters, TAROT OF THE MOON?

vision of the moon inspires us, gives us always this touch of romanticism, but in addition, in esoteric topics it suggests the mystery, the secrets develados, or the truth conceals.

The moon has two faces, one that we do not see, but we know that it exists

And this way, that one that sometimes does not have explanation obtains it across the captivation of a Full moon... In the Tarot cards, the moon speaks about the fantasies, about the projects, even, slightly fantastic, but also it alludes to the sensibility, to the Art, to the artists.

And as always, also to the music...

The moon governs the sign of Cancer, this astrological , for example sign gives to the native ones of the same spirituality that makes them so sensitive and loves the family .

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