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Psychic readings

This card alerts you about depression, anxiety, illusions, deceitful fantasies.

Times of destructive emotions, sadness, incomprehensible caprices.

An environment full of prejudices, fanaticism. You are confused about your feelings.

The laziness predominate.

Tendency to masochism. Be careful.

General disorder may cause you problems.

There are hidden dangers.

Senseless flashbacks, negative influences of the past, traumas, hidden diseases, dreams which seem hallucinations.

Take care about what you eat because there's a big risk of intoxicating yourself.

Take care of people who live lying, cheating, betraying and talking with others about your personal problems. They might try to rob you.

This people are jealous of you.
You should stay away from these confusing relationships without exit.

As it's a period of economic fluctuations, it is not a moment to take risks.

False friends, hidden enemies.