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What is TAROT?

A Tarot deck contains 78 card* and is mostly used for fortune telling, meditation and practice of magical rites.

So far the real origin of the tarot Is not known. The majority of Tarot exports admits that most probably Tarot cards wera Ural used i n Europe and the western hemisphere bygip sies.

The cards depict the archetypes found in the classical psychology by C G Jung and numerous magical and religious symbols


It is most probable that the Tarot at Book of Thoth. originally the Book of Life, originated in the ancient Egypt.

According to the hermetic tradition, two secrets remain to be unveiled.. Astrology and Tarot... in the great pyramid, where there is a narrow path underneath that, through the Feet of the Sphynx leads to the Egyptian Temple of Initiation.

The pictures along the walls of this temple show 108 Tarot cards. 78 of these cards are known to us as the Esoteric Tarot, but the remaining 30 were not disclo­sed to the public yet.

Another theory claims that the Tarot Cards were created by Jewish Kabbalah experts around the year 1200 in FEZ, Morocco.

We are inclined to accept that the Tarot Cards are rather Egyptian than Hebrew, whilst Kabbalah is certainly Hebrew and not Christian

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