If you are a number 9,

you are governed by the symbol of love, which represents the supreme shape

of universal love and the love toward your neighbor.


You long for personal love, but this one should not be your aspiration,

as it could be not convenient.


You are the big brother of humanity.


As you are unselfish, you will give even carelessly when your emotions arouse, as your motto is :"do for the others".

You are understanding, open minded, idealist, and you can easily feel

the necessities and difficulties of the others even to

the extent of really suffering if another one is mistreated or is in indigence.

If your name has many 9 you are capable of facing all the conditions and circumstances of this land.

Numbers 1 and 9 are opposite extremes of numerological totem.

Number one means individuality, and number nine is symbol of universality.

You may experience many affliction, even lose friends, money and status if

you did not learn to live impersonally.

As an actor you may have a profound understanding, appealing to the audience in general.