If you are a number 8,

you had better never trust in luck,

as you will have to work hard to earn what you get.


Your key note should be justice.

As number 8 you may seem repressed.

It does not mean it will be like that if you have learnt to impose yourself discipline.

You can have remarkable success by doing things carefully and in a conservative way, trusting in your own judgement, because as number 8, you are mental and you have to be good and balanced.

If you live with this golden rule, you can win a place of authority.

The symbol of number 8 seems to be the double circle.


It is the number of scales, which means balance and organization.

Your physical or material aspect very similar to number 4 but you can reach higher heights.

You are more interested in the financial success than the spiritual illumination, as the number 8 is a commercial vibration.

Your instruction should be step by step, as this principle will lead you to a final expansion and manifestation.

You could succeed in commerce in a wide field, chairman or manager of a large corporation.

Other perspectives open to you are: as an expert in efficiency, industrial or executive.

If you choose a literary career, in general it is editor or critic rather than author, though you could write a book about how to act as regards some phase and commercial.