If you are a number 7

you are a deep thinker.

You will absorb knowledge practically from all source.

For being intellectual, scientist and studious, you will never accept a premise,

unless you had analyzed the situation exactly and reached to your own conclusion.

You do not like the somebody else's suggestions, mainly because you think you are an authority in any subject.

You are affected by the injustice and you should never try it because it will act

as a boomerang which will hurt you more the person you would try to hurt.

You do not like manual tasks.
You are not so domestic as a number 6,

neither are you so practical as a number 4. You are spiritual and philosophical oriented.

Although you can be religious, usually you tend to be close metaphysics.

You long for calm to meditate and listen to your inner life.

You should learn to live on your own and not being alone.

In general you will avoid crowd as you can be upset for being subjected to noise and confusion.

You think that the search for knowledge is found only behind the acquisition of understanding and wisdom.

Your key note is perfection and not popularity.

You may seem cold and distant but this is due to the fact that you are satisfied with your full inner life.

You are more realistic than materialistic.

As number 7 you should trust in your intuition and follow your own hunches.

You can easily see a swindle or recognize and individual or superficial.

You love nature and animals.