If you are a number 6,

you long for love, friends and company.

You devote to your family even up to often fulfill with love and protection.

Serving the community gives you great pleasure. You do not like to be alone,

and you prefer to be among the crowd.


Even though you fight for peace and harmony, you enjoy a vigorous debate as long

as nobody stay angry, once it is over. You like to see the house with mildness and order.

You also like pretty things and environments.

For being prudent as regards money, you will only invest in what you think is de fraud proof.

The majority likes you as you are benevolent and tolerant.

Sometimes you may be obstinate of somebody does not agree with you.

You tend to worry, sometimes without necessity.


As you like comfort, you prefer routine to rootlessness and change.

For having good sense of opportunity you have a musical career orientation,

it can be singing or playing an instrument. You also delight yourself artistically decorating your house.

Although you make and effort to like the others,

you want the others to alabar and you need stimulus.