If you are a number 5,

you wish freedom and expansion in all the things.

You are versatile and mutant. For being the number of experience,

you learn by promoting new ideas for which you have insatiable curiosity.

Your progress will consist of making progress constantly,

with the courage of discard the old things and the desire of learning what it was not tried yet.

You are often impulsive, restless and quick to act.


You love adventure and you walk even on quaking bogs,

as you do things depending on the spur of the moment without thinking of discarding anything.

You know how to turn lively a party, you can keep an interesting conversation.


As a number 5 you are super dealer.

You like to speculate, taking advantage of any money you may have available.

You like the opposite sex company.

You usually participate in social activities.

You are always struggling with your nature. You long for something new.

This value can be developed in something advantageous for the general public good.