If you are a number 3,

you take life as it comes, you love pleasure and you are essentially youthful.

You have talent to express yourself when you speak, write or acts.

As a number three you have a gift of creation but you do not stand out for being practical.

You dream of big adventures, as you think big, but you always want

to insert beauty in every situation. For having a fast and sharp mind, you learn easily.

You can do almost everything you decide to do.

You have a gift of super imagination, and for this reason you can rest on the show business.

This can lead to many opportunities and good financial success.

Number 3 is freed from effort fields.

For this, you should be careful to avoid scattering your talent like an octopus in many directions.


Few number three show worry or depression because as a number 3, you enjoy social life.

Expression is your key note.

There are three types of 3, the studious or mental variety, the other one,

the social variety and the third one, the emotional and slightly unstable variety.


Fairy tales, images and many more things.