If you are a number 2,

you have dual nature.

As you can see the two sides of a situation,

you are useful as a balance of opposite strengths and you qualify yourself as the excellent arbitrator or pacifier. You are shy, sensitive and often insecure.

That is why you prefer working behind the scenes.

As statistical you can gather information and assess it. You have an emotional nature and usually people like you are fond of music.

You have much sense of rhythm and harmony.

As a two, you work in a better way with a partner or in a subordinated occupation than working with an individual capacity.

You can work as a diplomat as you have tact, you are benevolent and tolerant.


The two is opposite male 1, as 2 illustrates the feminine principle of the receptivity.

You are cooperative and patient.

You can be seen taking a truce flag as you are a peace herald. You prefer to be the next one.