Characteristics of Nº 1

If you are a number 1, you are individualist, independent and determined.

In general you can reach your goal. As you are creator,

you are the first in every action as you are leader and maker.

You are the master of the idea, but you have to keep your plans for yourself as by working alone and calm you do it in a better way .

You should get rid of any family tie, looking at yourself as a pioneer in a new field.

You have the bravery and intelligence to explore the unknown.

As you have executive talent, you can be a manager, boss in a shop or chairman of a corporation,

promoter of an activity.


You learn more through the expertise than for many numbers,

as you do not like people to advise you.

You are proud, opponent of the critic, usually temperamental and with some emotional disturbance.

You tend to order and to get your own way If his / her tendency is negative,

you should be careful in order not to be neither lazy nor dreamer,

as these characteristics lead to insecurity.

May be the focus is yourself as the most of ONES represents the beginning of the Me first.

You often have heard the phrase: "I will be the number ONE",

and you can be sure you will succeed, because you are capable of standing on your own two feet.