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As it's the end of a lucky period, it could be a difficult time.

You'll feel lack of opportunities, and you'll also feel a victim of misfortune because of obstacles and frustrated hopes.

After a period of confusion and helplessness feelings, you'll find a solution to your problems.

At this point you don't trust even in close people. Uncertainty, doubts.

You feel that people are telling you lies. It is very likely to be due to wrong intuitions, product of a not propitious period of time.

There is sensuality but lack of affection in the couple, generating a risk of betrayals.

Problems at work, but there is an important possibility of gaining exaggerated profits.

Be careful of leaving unfinished business or situations. Physical imbalance.

A young man may have problems with drugs, he might intoxicate himself.

Health: Children's diseases might look complicated, but actually these aren't that seriuos.

A pregnancy wouldn't be appropriate right now. It's not the ideal time.